We care about our patients so our donations are low and our quality is high! No gratuity is necessary but as our drivers work on tips they are more than welcome. We accept monetary donations only, no trades. Public deliveries and private(to your home) deliveries are available. Due to safety reasons our drivers do not carry more than 40$ in change. It is imperative that our drivers keep the professionalism that is required at the Lowrax so daily performance evaluations are done for each driver. We have amazing specials daily because we believe our patients should be taken care of every time they call not just because your are a new patient. Daily specials are not always advertised so call to see what the daily specials are today!

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  • More Summer Events and Dispensary Stops: Walking with Redhat Ralph
    More summer events and dispensary stops in Week 16 with RedHat Ralph…. This week includes serving Root Beer at the Oregon Brewers Festival, the Canna Closet Oregon launch, and The Summer Fair 2.  Here is how I walked 22.6 miles from Sunday July 23 through Saturday, July 29. Sunday, 7/23/17, 0.2 miles. Today it will […]
  • The Many Reasons Cannabis is a Medicine Worth Legalizing
    28 states in the United States, as well as many other countries around the world, have legalized medical marijuana – with some even legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Canada, under the Liberal Government, recently proposed a bill legalizing not only medical marijuana, but also recreational marijuana.  There are many reasons why cannabis is a […]

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  • Radical Rant: Sessions Thinks ‘Just Say No’ Can Fix Opioid Crisis
    For a while now, I’ve been writing about our attorney general, the former Alabama senator named after two traitors, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. I’ve got all sorts of nicknames for him, ... The post Radical Rant: Sessions Thinks ‘Just Say No’ Can Fix Opioid Crisis appeared first on High Times.
  • 10 States Where You Don’t Want to Get Caught with Weed
    We hate to be the bearers of bad news but it’s always wise to keep in mind the worst states for stoners, from Draconian laws to the punitive action if ... The post 10 States Where You Don’t Want to Get Caught with Weed appeared first on High Times.

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